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Front landscaping with touch of silver

A Touch of Silver

May 16, 2019

At the initial meeting, the client was looking for a fresh new look with low maintenance and color for the front of the house.  He wished to have concrete edging along the beds. Read more...


Front landscaping with variety

A Need for Variety

May 5, 2019

Client wanted a fresh new look in front of their home that was low maintenance in Sarasota.  Many of the plants were overgrown and the Ligustrum tree was overpowering the front of the house.  After 3 meetings with the clients a final design was agreed upon and within the client's budget.  Read more...


Front walkway landscaping cleaned up


April 25, 2019

Homeowner was looking for a clean look to improve the landscape in front of her home. She wanted plant material that did not need a lot of looking after, but gave impact once they were grown in.  Read more...