Homeowner Association Regular Grounds Maintenance

Communication, Detail Oriented, Value for Money

At Greenscapes we appreciate the huge task residents take on when they volunteer to serve on the Board of their Homeowners or Condominium Association.  When you entrust Greenscapes with maintaining your landscape you are handing the care of your grounds to a reliable, local company with over 30 years' experience.

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Greenscapes works directly with Boards and Landscape Committees and through property management companies.  We manage landscape maintenance programs which are 'common grounds only' as well as programs for 'maintenance included' communities.

When you offer Greenscapes the opportunity to bid for your landscape maintenance contract, one of our Account Managers will come and meet with you to walk the property, undertake counts and speak with you about your requirements.  Once we have all the information we need we will submit a detailed, costed proposal for your consideration.  If you decide to award the contract to us, we will prepare an agreement for us all to sign which makes everything totally transparent.  No confusion equals no conflict.


Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care

Greenscapes is not a huge national company which will maintain your landscape 'by the numbers'.  Rather we are a local company which relies entirely on its reputation in the Sarasota and Manatee county areas.  We succeed or fail on people's experience of our service.  We do not 'do enough to get by', we genuinely seek to excel and delight our customers.

Although we are smaller than some, we are sizeable enough to take responsibility for large homeowner associations (currently our largest has about 400,000 square foot of lawn alone).

Specialized not Generalized Service

Most landscape maintenance companies work on the 'generalized crew' approach.  This means a crew is assigned a property and it is responsible for all (or most) aspects of the service.  The same people are expected to be expert pruners and efficient mowers, knowledgeable fertilization/pesticide experts and even irrigation and lighting technicians.  In our experience this leads over time to crews undertaking the tasks they favor, rather than the ones needed.  And the lack of visits by other landscape specialists lead to complacency. 

If you award this contract to Greenscapes you will not be assigned a single crew which will have to tackle all your diverse needs.  Your pruning and weeding will be undertaken by a specialist pruning crew under the supervision of an experienced pruning crew leader.  Your mowing and edging service will be completed by a specialist mowing crew leader and crew.  Your fertilization and pest control needs will be met by trained, qualified fertilizing staff.  And, of course, your irrigation inspections and repairs and landscape lighting inspection and repairs will be undertaken by trained professionals.

Management and Supervision

Homeowner Associations are frequently large and intricate in design.  To ensure that every part of your grounds, no matter how small or 'tucked away', receives the regular care it deserves, we have developed a task list system for our crews.  When we take over the maintenance of your landscape we will work with you to ensure we understand exactly what you expect for each part of your property.  We breakdown each section of the landscape into a detailed task list which lets our pruners, mowers, irrigation experts, etc., know what must be done on each visit.  If you require hedges or trees to be pruned into a particular shape we even provide our crews with photographs to guide them.  Our crew leaders are then tasked with noting exactly when each task is completed, ready for checking by our Operations Managers.

These task lists are currently being completed on paper, however Greenscapes is working towards turning this into a computerized business management tool.  This tool will enable us to take the tracking of jobs to the next level.  Each crew or specialist will be equipped with a tablet on which the crew leader will check off the completion of tasks on the task list, showing the exact time when each task was done, and will be able to photograph evidence of the work and immediately submit it to our office.  This will enable our managers to increase the amount of supervision given to each crew every day. We are unaware of any other landscape maintenance company in the area which has invested in such technology to help them monitor work completion and standards.

In, Done, Out

The Greenscapes approach is to get the work across your entire property completed at one time and then leave you alone to enjoy your outside space.  Other landscaping companies ease their work scheduling by sending a crew every week to complete some of the mowing, or part of the pruning.  Our customers tell us that having the entire space groomed at one time gives a uniform look and grow-in across the property.


We know Presidents and Chairs of Landscape Committees and their property management companies rely on excellent communication from their contractors.  As part of our homeowner's association maintenance package we offer AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE:

  • A named Account Manager
  • An annual schedule of services and activities
  • Written clarity of who are designated Representative Owners and may direct our activities
  • Quarterly quality inspections with a walkthrough of the property with all interested parties
  • A written log of horticultural issues which arise, with a tracking system to ensure they are resolved promptly
  • Liaison with a Property Management Company or HOA Office, as directed
  • A telephone number which is answered 24 hours a day

We take pride in the fact that if our customers telephone us on our customer line (941 379 8440) their call is always answered – 24/7 - by a human being (no frustrating automated push button systems).  The friendly person who takes the call always gives her/his name and takes responsibility for ensuring they get a fast, effective response.

Other Customers' Experience of Greenscapes

On this page you can see some of the testimonials we have received about our work from other homeowner and condominium associations.  If you would like to speak with these, or other associations, we would be happy to provide you with contact details of Board members who have offered to act as referees.

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