Oh My - Plantings, Drainage and Pavers!

September 30, 2020

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Client had expressed interest with changing out their front landscape to add more color and make it easier for maintenance. There were also issues of drainage that needed to be addressed on either side of the front entry. During additional conversations, a decision was made to widen the front walkway and add some contrast to the plain concrete walkway.

After a few in person and telephone meetings, a final plan had been agreed upon. The existing landscape material was removed except for the Pygmy Date Palms. Sod was removed to enlarge the front bed as well as give the bed a more interesting bed line. The drainage was extended to move the water from the roof away from the front entry.

The right side of the walkway was planted with Copperleaf, Black Alocasia, Coontie, and a Silver European Fan Palm. The left side of the walkway was planted with Copperleaf, Bird of Paradise, African Iris, Crinum Lily, Texas Sage, Kings Mantle, Coontie, Cocoplum, false Agave, T Plants, Dracaena, and Crotons. These plants would provide both leaf color as well as flower color throughout the year. The beds were topped with Cocoa Brown Mulch to help with moisture retention, weed control, and provide a contrast with the various leaf colors.

The concrete walkway to the front door was not left out as pavers were added as a border to provide additional width as well as color along the walkway as the client had requested.

Landscaping beforeLandscaping after

Landscaping beforeLandscaping after

Landscaping beforeLandscaping after