Residential Landscape Design & Installation

Single Family Homes

Landscaping ideas can come in many forms, but often owners want to make an impact with their landscaping. We can undertake a variety of work for your home or rental property.  Here are some ideas:


Walkways are popular in landscaping and a must for most projects.  Nothing makes your garden classier than an intricate path weaving around your home or flower beds.  Walkways can be built out of wood, paved cement, concrete, gravel, and pebbles.
Flowering/Ornamental Trees

A bit more traditional and rustic, flowering trees can be used if you're aiming for a natural look.  Popular flowering trees in Florida are Gardenias, Magnolias, Jacaranda, Royal Poinsettia, Golden Rain, Crape Myrtles.


If you do not have enough time to groom your yards all year round, a symmetrical design works wonders.  Grasses being aligned symmetrically can lift your property and look pleasing to the eye.  Popular ornamental grasses in Florida include Fakahatchee, muhly grass, red fountain, white fountain, lovegrass.

Low Colorful Flowers

Installing an assortment of low colorful flowers is the perfect graceful touch to complement any lawn.

Shaded Patio

If you do not have a patio, you may want to think about adding one?  It can give you plenty of shade making it cool enough for you to relax. 

Mood Lighting

Installing lighting to any garden can create a cozy atmosphere.  Moreso lighting can help on those night you wish to entertain friends and allow your plant features to be highlighted.


If your backyard borders onto a road or an unsightly preserve area, you may wish to consider adding plant material for noise reduction and privacy.  Popular plants include, viburnums, azaleas, Bougainvillea, Podocarpus, Leyland Cypress, Bamboo or Pitchapple.