Condominium Association Landscape Design & Installation

Homeowner/Condominium Associations

Installing landscape at a Homeowner or Condominium Association could become expensive and labor-intensive. Most HOAs want the entire neighborhood to look amazing.  Often, residents will have their own ideas and desires they wish to be incorporated, while maintaining and not going over any allocated landscape budget. 
It is important to prioritize 5 key areas in your landscape plan to get the most for your investment of time and money.


Add some "wow" to the community entrance(s). The front entrance defines the level of quality that will be maintained throughout the community. A strong seasonal color display will provide impact and visual interest for residents and guests alike. Fresh mulch or pine straw should be used throughout the year to keep this area looking crisp.


To cut down on plant and shrub turnover, it's essential to choose the best plantings from the very start. It is all about having the right plant in the right place.  Greenscapes can design, install, and maintain a healthy landscape suitable for your area, which will also complement the space where they are located.   This will make your community more welcoming.  We can do any of the following:

  • Install annuals and flowers for that additional color
  • Install sod and edging for sharp looking areas
  • Install missing plants
  • Install trees and make sure they are staked so they can grow strongly
  • Install aggregates: Rocks, boulders, shell, stones
  • Install mulch
  • Install green screens with wall vines
  • Install privacy hedges
  • Install low voltage lighting to soften the look of an area during dusk and night


Maintenance is key to any area. So, when designing always consider what is going to happen to this plant/tree or area in 5 years or 10 years.  Will a tree or hedge grow so high that your maintenance company will not be able to reach it?  Is plant material planted so close to each other that shrubs grow into one another?  You do not want a jungle.  Your shrubbery should never get to a stage where a big additional cleanup is needed say three years after undertaking a large install project.  Removing invasive species is also key – allowing pepper trees, vines or agaves to take over any area could cause considerable potential damage.


Save money by saving water.  A big expense for every HOA is irrigation of landscaped areas. Cutting down on water use can include installing native, drought-resistant plants and aggregates like stones and rocks.  Updating your current irrigation system to make it more efficient.  If you are doing a new install you must consider moving away from rotors and leaning towards drip line irrigation system, which will always target the plant material with less water wastage.


Partnering with the right landscaping company can make all the difference when it comes to your HOA landscaping.  Greenscapes has experience in community common areas.  If your HOA allows your homeowners to do their own landscaping, we can work with your Association to create a master plan with a Florida friendly plant, palm and tree palette that residents can choose from.