Commercial Regular Grounds Maintenance

Hassle-free, Economic, High Visibility

Bird of Paradise Plant

As business owners ourselves, we know the importance of focusing your energies on what really matters - your customers and products.   At Greenscapes, we take care of your curb appeal allowing you to concentrate without distraction on your core business.

Our hassle-free commercial service could not be easier to set up:

  1. Call Greenscapes night or day and your call will be answered immediately by a professional who can forward your enquiry quickly.

  2. One of our Accounts Managers will visit the premises at a time which is convenient to you.  S/he will walk around your landscape, discuss your needs with you and plan with you how your landscape can present a professional image, ease customer access to the business and highlight your products.

  3. S/he will then submit a proposal to you which will detail exactly what we will do, when and at what cost.  There will be no hidden extras.

Our reliable crews will arrive at their regular time and work quietly.  They will ensure parking areas are clean, shrubs are neat and tree canopies do not obscure signage, shop windows or designated parking spaces.

We will arrange our administration to suit you.  Would you like to pay weekly, monthly or quarterly? Do you want to receive invoices and correspondence by email or post?  Would you like to pay by ACH, check or credit card?  Just tell us and we will arrange it.

In the unlikely event you have any concerns; you will have a 24hr direct phone line to one of our managers.  You will also have a named Account Manager responsible for your landscape. 

Your maintenance package will consist of exactly what you want.  You may wish to consider:

  • Mowing and trimming all turf areas weekly during the active growing season (April 1 to September 30) and every two weeks the rest of the year
  • Blade edging all paths and curbs and all tree rings, planter beds, buildings, fences and other areas bordered by grass every mowing
  • Pruning all shrubs and potted plants every two weeks
  • Weeding every two weeks, pulling large weeds in planter beds by hand, treating small weeds and weeds in cracks of paved areas with approved weed killing herbicide
  • Removing all litter and blowing all parking lots and paths every week
  • Trimming tree foliage every month
  • Removing sucker growth, the new shoots that appear at the base of tree trunks or on major limbs below the canopy, as soon as they are large enough to remove
  • Fertilizing your grass 6 times a year, your shrubs 4 times a year and your palms or trees twice a year. Our custom blended fertilizer also contains insect control
  • Checking your irrigation system and undertaking minor adjustments and repairs monthly
  • Inspecting your landscape lighting and undertaking minor repairs monthly
  • Mulching annually
  • Removing any freeze damaged materials every Spring

Any new plantings will be selected to be low-maintenance, economic and complimentary to your brand.

To ensure your needs continue to be met, we will send you a short monthly report and will arrange a brief quarterly review with your Account Manager.

If you are in business in Sarasota or Manatee counties please contact us on (941) 379 8440 or and we will visit you to map your landscape and to provide a quote.

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