A Touch of Silver

May 16, 2019

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At the initial meeting, the client was looking for a fresh new look with low maintenance and color for the front of the house.  He wished to have concrete edging along the beds.  We had discussed creating a 1-2 foot high stack rock wall to define the beds since the front yard sloped towards the street.  Most of the landscape in the front of the house was removed except for the Hibiscus and White Bird of Paradise.  The new plants in the front consisted of a Gardenia, Blue Daze, Dwarf Tibochina, Magnificent Crotons, Dwarf Ixora, and Carissa 'Emerald Blanket'.  The client had also wanted a Palm tree in the front yard so a Bismark Palm was installed in the middle of the turf area in the front with Dwarf Ixora planted at the base.  The addition of landscape boulders provided another texture and color to the landscape.  The irrigation was also modified to provide proper coverage to all the new plantings.

Before & After Photos

Front of house beforeFront of house after

Along path beforeAlong path after


Right of garage beforeRight of garage after